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Waiting for Godot: My high school research paper.

If you studied "Theatre of the Absurd" at any point in your education, you know of this brilliant play by Samuel Beckett. I loved it so much that I did an entire research paper on it, drawing

parallels between that Godot fella and the things we wait for in every day life. And wait for. And continue to wait for....

And so, I bring you today's parallel! (Not to be confused with a parallelogram, which is a story for another day! ) ...........

Waiting for inventory to be shipped.

I suppose I could make small talk with random fellas on the street whilst waiting for that big truck to pull up the driveway.

I guess I could learn to crochet, finally.

Maybe I'll actually ride my horse.

My promise from the Bedding Blocker Team: We'll do everything we can to keep your shipping well below the industry standard. But, we are not immune to shipping delays from our vendors. We are selling out of Bedding Blockers quicker than anticipated but new supplies are "on the way." As of this morning's shipping, I've only got 45 units left!

Check your girth and order your Bedding Blocker before we sell out!


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