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  • What is your return policy?
    In the unlikely event you receive a damaged product, MuckMeister Enterprises, LLC will provide a return label. Customer must email to receive return label. MuckMeister Enterprises, LLC must receive the damaged or incorrect item(s) within 30 days of original order. No refunds will be given on any product that has been installed or used. After review of product, if it is determined to be defective or damaged, a full refund of product cost and all shipping costs will be refunded to original payment method within 15 (fifteen) days of receiving returned item. If you are unable to install your system, we will accept UNOPENED PACKAGES for returns. Buyer must pay return shipping. Buyer will be reimbursed full amount of product plus initial shipping cost within 15 (fifteen) business days of MuckMeister Enterprises, LLC receiving product. We cannot accept product that had been installed. Please visit our Warranty page for Warranty Terms & Conditions.
  • What is the installation process?
    You will need the following supplies for installation on a hard surface: Tape measure Marker pen Drill (Hammer Drill is preferred, but not necessary) ¼ " Hex driver OR flat head screw driver Straight edge
  • Do you offer a discount for large orders?
    We sure do! Bedding Blocker® Bulk Price Adjustments Effective 1/1/2024 through 3/31/2024. ORDERS MUST BE PAID PRIOR TO SHIPPING. We offer financing through Affirm. Shipping quotes are in real time and honored for 14 days. Buyer pays shipping. Contact us for local/regional delivery or pick up. PLEASE ALLOW ADDITIONAL SHIPPING AND HANDLING TIMES FOR BULK ORDERS. 10-25: 94.99 per system- Hard Surface Install. 97.99 per system- Soft Surface Install 26-50: 91.99 per system- Hard Surface Install. 94.99 per system- Soft Surface Install 51 + : 89.99 per system- Hard Surface Install. 92.99 per system- Soft Surface Install Both Hard and Soft Systems include all components listed on website. Packaging options are available. Ask us for details! Contact us for bulk orders: April Schiel MuckMeister Enterprises, LLC 610-822-2562
  • What kinds of surfaces can I install my Bedding Blocker on?
    Your Bedding Blocker can be installed on virtually any surface! While a solid floor is ideal, you can use a bracket system and pressure treated lumber (not included) to install your Bedding Blocker over soft surfaces such as dirt, screenings, and stall mats.
  • What if my animals try to eat the bristles?
    The bristles are designed to stay in place. With proper installation, animals should not be able to remove the brush component from the bases. If you have a persisent, destructive chewer, we recommend purchasing a bottle of our proprietary blend of Chew Blocker, designed specifically for use on your Bedding Blocker System.
  • What if my threshold is larger than 48 inches?
    Bedding Blockers can easily be lined up end to end for larger thresholds.
  • My threshold/stall entry is smaller than the standard four feet. Can I cut the Bedding Blockers?
    Yes! All components can be cut using a hacksaw with a metal cutting blade.
  • What kinds of bedding can I use with my Bedding Blocker?
    Any type of bedding is suitable for use with the Bedding Blocker.
  • How do I maintain the functionality of my Bedding Blocker?
    The Bedding Blocker is designed to block bedding and debris. We suggest running a pitchfork through the bristles when you are finished cleaning your stalls. This will remove excess build up of dirt and debris and keep your brush’s integrity intact longer. You can also remove the brush by removing one base and sliding the brush out. If the Bedding Blocker is installed with a muddy area outside, you may need to clean it with a hose and mild detergent more frequently.
  • Am I able to roll a wheelbarrow or cart over my Bedding Blocker?
    Yes! The bristles are designed to allow wheelbarrows and carts to easily pass through them.
  • Can I purchase a replacement brush?
    Yes! While the brush component is designed to last for an extended period of time, several factors will determine how often your brush needs to be replaced. Animal traffic in and out of stalls, amount of dirt and mud outside of the stall, time spent cleaning the brush, and general use will determine how often the brush should be replaced.
  • How difficult is it to change the brush?
    The brush component is designed to last for a substantial amount of time. However, when it is time to replace it, you can purchase the brush component on our website. To replace the brush, simply use a drill on reverse to remove the six anchors on one base. Carefully remove the base away from the brush. Remove the old brush and lower the new brush into place. Be sure to snugly secure the new brush in the channel. Use the same hardware and same holes to place the base back in position.
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