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Mardi Gras Edition

Ah yes, New Orleans...home of Mardi Gras, beignets, and street cars (don't you dare call them trolleys!). 

I've had the pleasure of visiting the Big Easy quite a few times since my sister moved down there. On a recent trip, we visited Mardi Gras World.  Now, if you've never seen a Mardi Gras float up close, you need to visit this place! The artistic designs and details are unbelievable. I have never been asked to work on a float, which is probably best for all of New Orleans. Ain't nobody got time for that. 

Which brings me to coffee.  Most things bring me to coffee. I'm kind of a coffee snob. I stirrup shenanigans and I stirrup cream in my coffee. It's a win win way to start my day. 

And so, while visiting this museum o' fun, I found a coffee lover's dream!  Sadly, the cup was empty. Very very sad. After I recovered emotionally from this heartbreak, I thought to myself: Self, You should create a signature coffee blend geared towards equestrians. Horse show coffee doesn't have the best reputation of being, uhm, superb.  Our horses get the finest quality hay, the best grain, and their own grooms.  Why do we two-legged creatures have to settle for mediocre coffee whilst we're busting our patooties keeping our equine companions in tip top shape? 

'Cuse me...I have to make a phone call to my professional coffee roaster friend...

Rise N Ride Roast. Start Your Day In Stride.  (Coming soon...) 

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