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Adventures In Restocking....

Sit right back and you'll hear a tale...a tale of "Whooops?!" It started with a late delivery of inventory. Now, dear reader, does this LOOK like a box or pup truck? No, it is not. This is a damn near full size semi (45 footer plus cab!) after I repeatedly told dispatch what I need. I digress. Driver was awesome, very skilled and kind! He got my 725lb pallet down the driveway to

the loose stone area in front of the shop. No problem! I used the hand truck to make three trips to another pallet, which I had my newly purchased pallet jack under. My plan was to simply restack the boxes on this pallet and use the pallet mover inside the shop to position them. Easy, yeh? Brilliant even! Let me backtrack here...if they would have sent the right truck, it would have been unloaded directly into the shop. Again, I digress. So, I got the 700lbs of boxes to said pallet. Can we guess what idiot accidently had the wheels of the pallet jack over the step off?? I'm strong, but pulling over 700 pounds over a bump is not happenin.

Cool. So I repositioned another pallet to where I wanted it. I then unloaded the same 700lbs of boxes onto the pallet in position. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. I needed to pack 18 boxes for pick up tomorrow...back orders that need to goooo. So basically, I moved close to 2,000 pounds today because I am dumb and lifted weights earlier, too. I've got more to pack tomorrow to catch up, but I didn't want my AMAZINGLY AWESOME UPS GUY TO HATE ME. Moral of the story: My UPS pick up guy doesn't get paid enough. :-)

Oh and we are fully stocked with even more on the way!

-April "kinda sore today" S.

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