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"How long do horses live, anyway?!"

- Literally every non horse person ever, when I told them how old Magic was.

31 years is a long time. I was seven when Magic was born (please, don't do the math!)

Last Monday, I made an impromptu decision to tack up little arab and go for a short spin with my boarder and her mare. I hadn't ridden him in several weeks, but today, welp, it was nice out and he likes to get out. So, off we went! I shedded him out, again, and threw on his trail saddle...and he of course started to walk before I was settled. "Dude. Whoa." Every time.

As we headed home, he would always prance and pull me back to the barn (Dinner!) But last Monday was oddly different. He continued to walk past the barn even when his friend went home. I hollered to Sheila, "I guess he wants to keep going!"

And so we did another lap.

That was our last ride. Two days later, Magic AKA "Bubba" took his usual nap with his girlfriend and ex racehorse buddy next to him. I came home (after seeing him three hours prior) and instantly knew he was dead. He did not struggle. There was no indication of suffering. He simply laid down and didn't get back up. I'd like to think he wanted to make it easy on me. He wasn't sick, but I knew he was aging quickly over the last several months. He had cataracts, the saddle wasn't as comfy for him, and he had some choking episodes. But he kept going for me.

So, how long do horses live?

Not long enough.

Khala Magic+/

February 22, 1991- May 4, 2022

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