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Ol' Grey, Farm Skillz, and Shiplers.

If you have any piece of equipment on your farm, you know the routine. It runs perfectly fine, flawlessly, like a GEM for months whilst you, it's dedicated driver and BFF, are using it. Who cares if it's old and grey and a combination of 27 other lawn tractors?!

I present to you, Ol Grey.

Ol' Grey was originally one of our fearless lawn moving beasts until the mower deck was no longer fixable (thank you, Duct tape and welding!) Now, Ol Grey has heart. We decided to see if he could pull the spreader, as the big red Masey was a pain in the ass to maneuver.

ALAS! Ol' Grey excelled and pulled an overflowing spreader like a KING! After a brief discussion with my husband, it was decided that Ol' Grey would stay hitched to the spreader and he would be mine!

And then we left him for a week. We trained a boarder on his use and off we went on vacation. Day two of the cruise: Ol' Grey wouldn't go in to gear. He had to be shamefully pushed down the hill in neutral, where he sat for a week. Why, Ol' Grey?! WWWHHHHHYYYY?!

Thankfully, my boarders came together and used their Farm Skillz to learn how to drive the big red Masey. There was no need to panic. Whew!

Which brings me to my ridiculous purchase (well, kinda...): Shiplers. If you've never worn ship replicas on your feet, I highly recommend it!

As seasons change, so must my footwear! I'm trading my slippers for muck boots and heading out to the barn! It's good to be away, but it's great to be home!

Oh, as for Ol' Grey....he's back in action after a minor repair (thank you, Duct tape and Welding!)

Check your girth,


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Sep 27, 2021

Much like an old farmer , male or female , old farm tractors keep on keep in’ on . Btw , I need to get this straight in my mind ; shiplers or shlippers ????

April Schiel
April Schiel
Sep 27, 2021
Replying to

Haha! I suppose Shlippers is more appropriate!

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