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Saddles, Sirens, and Shenanigans...The shenanigans part

Have you been pressured by your jolly friends to hang holiday lights? Are you feeling grinchy because you bought icicle lights and you’re just now realizing they are sanity suckers?

Dear reader, you are not alone!

I’m here to comfort you. I offer my support. These lil’ bundles of frustration should come with a warning label: Do not buy.

It’s been raining here for the past few days; the perfect time to hang lights outside! Perhaps I should have planned this better and used the nice weather to hang lights instead of packing orders. I digress.

If you find yourself swearing, debating your poor decisions, and planning a Caribbean vacation while gently pulling those blasted wires straight, I feel your pain.

I’ve heard of #barnhacks but is there a #iciclelighthanginghack? Somebody get on that.

Ah yes, the shenanigan part of Sirens, Saddles, and Shenanigans is off to a great start this holiday season! I wish you nothing but joy and professionally hung lights!

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